Online Coaching Service

  • January 4, 2017

“Too often, players aren’t receiving the feedback they need in order to improve.  Many don’t get feedback at all.  I would like help”

Coach Maitland is now offering a high-class online service for elite-minded basketball players of all levels across the world.

The Online Coaching Service facilitates confidential communication between individual players and Coach Maitland.  The service provides an exclusive forum to discuss skill development and performance. The Online Coaching Service gives elite-minded athletes the opportunity to engage in a dialogue and share game and practice footage with Coach Maitland.  This service will provide high quality feedback, evaluations and next steps.

“My Online Coaching Service is an opportunity for elite-minded athletes all over the world to receive trusted, high quality detailed feedback directly from me.  My feedback will focus on the technical aspects of an individual’s performance.  I will not interfere with a team’s tactical philosophy.  I will not be judging or making comments about playing time, a coach’s strategy or other players on the team.  The Online Coaching Service exists to support my clients’ skill development as a basketball player.  Whether you’re a professional athlete motivated to make yourself more marketable by contributing more on the court or a young player with dreams of becoming great, I’m ready to help.”

The Online Coaching Service is an impartial and affordable way to help elite-minded athletes achieve the next level.

Student discounts are also available.

Please use the ‘contact’ page to email Coach Maitland directly and find out more about his Online Coaching Service.