Elite Skills Clinic

  • February 16, 2017

If you love the game then spending time on the basketball court for Valentines Day is the dream date.

On Tuesday 14th February, 26 young basketball players made the commitment to strive for excellence and attended the Elite Skills Clinic with Coach Maitland at Harrow High School in Northwest London.  The sessions covered a number of topics including 1 on 1 moves, attacking from triple threat and pressurised decision making.

“It is important for me to offer young players opportunities to learn, recall and/or practise some key tacit skills that are often neglected.  We broke down some essential in-game actions and layer by layer built up towards applying these skills under game-like conditions.  The players were great.  They were enthusiastic, hard working, coachable and were outstanding ambassadors for their families, schools and clubs.”

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